A new agency built to help young people break through the diversity barrier

WX is the agency model of the future: a registered social enterprise whose purpose is to attract and develop 18-21 year olds often bypassed by traditional routes to influential jobs.

We need to break
the system

We will disrupt a world where who you know has been more important than what you can do. For too long, some young people without the advantages of a middle-class background have been kept from opportunities in media. We’re actively seeking 18-21 year olds that are unable to attend university due to socio-economic circumstances.

A new generation of consumers heralds a new era of communications challenges. The mainstream is being informed and shaped by underground, grassroots youth culture and emerging technology. This is a new heartland where brands are vying to connect and seek relevancy and credibility. However, as agencies strive to navigate these changes, the young people who really understand the issues are not in the room.


The London media industry is notoriously inaccessible to those without the right contacts and education. This inevitably creates agencies filled with identical people, with identical life experiences and perspectives. The result is client work which doesn’t challenge the status quo or speak to the new audiences brands want to reach.

The team at WX can offer unique perspectives through cultural insights, focus groups, word-of-mouth market research and vox pops. They know the emerging talent, the trends that matter, who and what is shaping opinion.

Led by W founder Warren Johnson and Zoe Stafford, a PR professional with over 18 years' experience.

We will combine the power and experience of W Communications with the fresh eyes of WX and deliver ideas and campaigns that traditional media can only dream of.


WX talent are digital natives and natural communicators with new perspectives and yet they are often bypassed by the traditional routes to influential jobs. We’ve identified a unique client offering for diverse, Gen Z insight, creative partnerships and activation.WX are also creatives, able to make everything from video to animation, music, design, photography and distribution across emerging social media channels.

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